The Forest by: Alessandro Ripellino Arkitekter + Studio Adrien Gardère + Luigi Pardo Architetti Photo: Håkan Lidbo


During their free stroll in the Forest, the visitors are offered a series of diversified and unexpected experiences in a fully connected and interactive environment. The Swedish Pavilion will focus on new ways to build The Smart Society, including topics such as tech, life science, next-generation transport, Industry 4.0, new materials, smart cities, and circular bio-based economies.


Updated program coming soon.

The main wow factor will be the design of our pavilion the Forest. Secondly, the visitor journey will be something extraordinary. It starts already at the outside of the pavilion and continues throughout the pavilion, and it invites visitors to interact with the Swedish theme “Co-creation for Innovation” on different arenas.


Our goal is to inspire guests visiting the Swedish pavilion at World Expo 2020. We want visitors to learn about Sweden, its world leading multinational companies, open-minded values, welcoming culture and feel a part in co-creating for innovation. In order to convey this message, hospitality and the presence of professional, knowledgeable and helpful staff will be crucial.

Come and join the Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2020 and find out how you can be part of the World’s Greatest Show.

We have elaborated on a handbook with know-how about co-creation that will be available for everyone to download. Enjoy your co-creation!

The handbook is available for everyone Download handbook