TransparAll – The Swedish Impact Store

TransparAll, a sustainable retail concept, launches its e-commerce platform 

The revolutionary concept is redefining conscious consumption by allowing consumers to calculate and offset their carbon footprint


8 September 2021 – TransparAll, an all-new retail concept created for the era of responsible consumption, has launched its e-commerce platform that will deliver across the Middle East and Sweden.

Built in collaboration with the award-winning Swedish Calculator 2030, TransparAll allows consumers to understand the carbon footprint of each product they are looking to purchase, helping them make more informed decisions about their shopping habits.

In a world-first, TransparAll allows its shoppers to offset their carbon footprint where they can donate a 100% of their carbon footprint to environmental charities like the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the IUCN (International Union for Conversation) and Vi-Skogen.

TransparAll is a retail e-commerce concept created for the era of responsible consumption that keeps sustainability at its core. The platform will be home to Swedish brands from the worlds of fashion, design, and wellness. that are known for their quality, innovation, and striking design.

Powered by a minimalist design and an engaging yet easy-to-use interface, shoppers can experience the concept at where they can find everything from menswear to luxury handbags to outdoor equipment like picnic tools and tents.

TransparAll will also have a physical pop-up at the Swedish Pavilion in the Sustainability District, Expo 2020 Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022.

The brands that will be sold on TransparAll include celebrity-favorite avantgarde optical brand Anna Karin Karlsson, sustainable activewear brand Nature Hommage, home design brand Design House Stockholm, timeless quality and eye-catching handcrafted glass sculptures from Målerås and many more Swedish brands.

“We are incredibly ecstatic about launching TransparAll – our concept is truly revolutionary in the way consumers can calculate and offset their carbon footprint,” says Sofie Källström, co-founder and CEO of TransparAll. “While building our store, we have painstakingly sourced brands that represent the best in Swedish caliber and stunning design while reflecting our conscious values. We want our consumers, brands and the wider industry to rethink about how their shopping and production practices impact the environment,” she added.

TransparAll will provide two-day delivery across the Middle East and four-day delivery across Sweden.

Get ready for a new era of responsible consumption. Shop now at

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