Virtual Space Week kicks off the Pre-Expo theme weeks as a one-year countdown


In May 2020, the decision was made to postpone Expo 2020 by one year to host it between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022 in order for the Expo organizer and all participating countries and corporate partners to safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the postponement entails challenges, the one-year postponement allows the World Expo to be conducted in a safe and secure manner, which is key for everyone involved.  

In just one year’s time, on 1 October 2021, Expo 2020 will open its door the public. The expectations are high and as a result of the pandemic, it will be even more important than before to bring the world back together to embrace the most pressing challenges of our time with top-of-the-line innovations, technological advances and world class human intelligence. Once Expo 2020 opens in October 2021, it will serve as a catalyst to restart the global economy. Albeit a way back to normalcy is very important, it is also key to do so in a way where we take advantage of the unique opportunities, knowledge and solutions that Swedish companies possess to create a green and climate-sustainable recovery.

To kick-start the programming of Expo 2020, the Expo organizer is launching Pre-Expo theme weeks and activities, starting with a Virtual Space Week on 5-6 October 2020. The Virtual Space Week will be a preview of the actual Space Week taking place in one year, and the virtual two-day event will consist of keynote addresses, visual and experience sneak-peeks, presentations, panel discussions and more.

During the Virtual Space Week, Sweden will participate in a “Lightning Talk”, in which well-renowned Swedish Astronaut Christer Fuglesang will share his view on the future of space exploration and address the Expo enquiry “How can we safely and productively explore new frontiers?”. Mr. Fuglesang will also share his insights on how space can save our planet, the importance of inspiring the young generation and how satellites can deliver a new capability to seafarers worldwide, improving safety and efficiency.

In addition, Anna Rathsman, Director General, Swedish National Space Agency and Chair of ESA Council, will share the Swedish and the European Space perspective. As Sweden celebrates 60 years of space activities in 2021, a selection of missions will be covered as well as future visionary plans.

Cecilia Hertz, Program Manager for the Swedish Space Week will give highlights of the program for the Swedish Space Week. The focus of the Week will be on how space can help to improve our life on earth and contribute to 2030 Agenda.

The “Lightning Talk” will be moderated by Mattias Hansson, Programme, Communications and Marketing Director of the Swedish Pavilion.

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For more information about Expo 2020 and the one-year postponement, please read our FAQ.