Tree planting ceremony

Photo: Felix Öhlund

Sweden breaks ground at Expo 2020 Dubai by a tree planting ceremony

Today, on 8 October 2019, the construction of Sweden’s pavilion at the Expo 2020 world exhibition in Dubai officially started. But instead of a traditional ground breaking with a shovel put into the ground, Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade Anna Hallberg planted trees at the start of the construction of the Swedish pavilion. Tree planting is part of the theme of the Swedish pavilion “The Forest” and resonates with the ambition to build the pavilion entirely in wood to minimize its impact on the climate.

To highlight the strong focus on sustainability in the Swedish pavilion, especially in a region with a tough climate for plant cultivation where tree removal rarely is regarded as something positive, the Swedish Expo organization had produced a film in which Sweden’s sustainable and large-scale forest cultivation was shown. In the film, the one-hundred invited guests at the tree planting were able to travel to the vast plains of the region Dalarna where the trees for the Swedish pavilion were picked up last spring. For each tree harvested for the pavilion, three new ones will be planted. The Swedish pavilion will be located in Expo 2020’s sustainability district.


The Forest will promote Sweden as a world-class partner and location for trade, investment and tourism.


Minister for Foreign Trade, Ms. Anna Hallberg:

– Expo 2020 in Dubai provides a global platform to showcase the Swedish ambition for the future. Through a strong collaboration between the government, private sector, academia and civil society, the Swedish pavilion will present the very best and innovative solutions that are necessary to meet tomorrow’s challenges. For Sweden’s National Expo Day, 15 December 2020, we have something very special planned in the true spirit of Alfred Nobel and with high-level attendance. Don’t miss that!