Updated the 4th of May, 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the effects that it has on the preparations of Expo 2020 in Dubai, the Swedish Expo Committee has issued this document in order to answer the most frequently asked questions relating to the consequences of the virus.  

Is it confirmed that Expo 2020 will be postponed for one year?
Yes, it is confirmed that Expo 2020 will be postponed and will take place between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022. The decision was unanimously taken by the Member States of the World Expo governing body BIE during a vote. Expo 2020 will still be the name of the event. 

What happens now?
The planning for a postponed Expo 2020 continues. The effects of the new coronavirus globally and the fact that the decision to postpone Expo 2020 was just made naturally limits the planning process at the moment, but the Swedish Expo Committee intends to inform all collaborative partners of the plan ahead within the coming month through the established channels. The Committee will use this time to continue consultations with the Expo organizer and other participating countries. 

What happens to the companies that have joined the Swedish Expo participation in the belief that Expo 2020 should start in October 2020?
Both the Swedish Expo Committee and the participating companies are in a very special situation right now due to the new coronavirus and its unprecedented consequences. The Committee’s ambition is that all participating companies that have joined the Swedish Expo participation also will be involved in a possibly postponed Expo 2020. With the formal decision now taken, a renewed dialogue will be held with the participating companies. 

How does this affect the construction of the Swedish pavilion?
The new coronavirus is affecting the construction of the Swedish pavilion, but as of right now the construction continues according to the original timeline with a slight delay and the new date for finalizing the pavilion construction is expected to be in September 2020. The installation of equipment and furniture, among other things, will be done at a later stage. Some delays to the timeline explained above could be expected in terms of delayed production of certain materials, transportation and labor as they are no longer as accessible as before.

How do you ensure that the pavilion can withstand a one-year postponement?
The pavilion has from the start been constructed with the possibility to have the pavilion remain in place after Expo closes and measures have already been taken to protect the pavilion against weather, wind and termites. Starting Expo one year later than previously planned means the pavilion needs to be maintained during this time.

How will the development of the exhibition proceed?
The exhibition consultants will continue to develop the content of the exhibition to conclude the final design. We will however not produce the actual exhibition until 2021.

Is the programming work put on hold for the time being?
Yes, programming work is put on hold until further notice and more information will be circulated to the parties concerned. 

Are all marketing and communications efforts put on hold by the Committee?
The Committee will still be active on its social media platforms, the website and with the newsletter for the time being. Planning of marketing and communications activations during the fall will be discussed with our partner companies.