Welcome Commissioner General, Jan Thesleff

Starting in January 2021, the current Swedish Ambassador to Egypt, Jan Thesleff, will assume the role of the new Commissioner General of the Swedish Expo 2020 participation. He will be based in Stockholm for a few months before moving to Dubai in April. We asked Mr. Thesleff three questions:

Why should Sweden participate at Expo 2020 in Dubai?

Jan: Expo 2020 is a global meeting place, a melting pot of innovation and creativity, which fits perfectly with Sweden being at the top of global sustainability, innovation and competitiveness rankings. As an export-dependent country, Sweden should be at the centre of the Expo, especially as it could be seen as a new start for a new normal in the wake of the current pandemic. By our participation, we will build back better and relaunch our exports.

What outcomes for Swedish trade will Expo bring?

Jan: ”Our participation in the Expo will increase our exposure, our outreach, but also to help us – among the partners and sponsors of our participations – to build clusters, alliances and consortia that will serve us far beyond the Expo. Those who are there have the chance to form the future of the post-Covid world – and that is why I am – with massive support from government, private business, academia and civil society – filled with enthusiasm to be part of this journey.

When are you satisfied with the Swedish Expo participation?

Jan: The Expo is both an essential platform as such, but also a trampoline to the future. In Dubai we will build the fundament for years to come. The proof of the pudding will be the evaluation of our principals, the Swedish government and the Swedish business community, and when they say “This was really good for Swedish exports and for strengthening the image of Sweden”, then we have succeeded. It will be an exciting journey and I will make it together with you all.