Game-changing waste collection for smart hospitals

Envac’s pneumatic waste collection system provides a smart, safe and hygienic work and patient environment in hospitals across the world. Hospitals’ waste management comes with high risks, and recent world events have shown an acute need for updated solutions. Airborne pathogens, contagious droplets, and material can cause infections by direct contact.

Envac’s system removes waste in a hermetically sealed pipe system, hidden in the fabric of the hospital – behind walls, under floors, and in culverts. This eliminates the need to transport used materials on trolleys or carts, limiting the risk of potential accidents and Hospital Acquired Infection. The Envac system creates a more sanitary environment while reducing operational costs.

The inlets can be fitted with touch-free technology that uses sensors for access control. The sensors recognise if it is waste, recyclables, laundry, or infectious waste that is being disposed of. Without any physical contact with buttons, handles, or panels to dispose of the waste, the risk of droplet transmission and the spread of infections is minimised.

To further improve sanitary conditions, Envac introduces a new development – a system for handling infectious waste. Infectious waste is put in special bags that are disposed of in a separate inlet and transported in a standalone system. In the collection station, the system converts the infectious waste into non-hazardous waste, which can be mixed with other waste or remain in a separate container. To maintain sanitary conditions, this system is disinfected automatically at regular intervals.

The Envac system is fully automated and runs continuously 24/7, making sure that waste and laundry are easy to dispose of whenever that need occurs.

The innovative and time-tested Envac pneumatic waste collection system provides sanitary conditions, alleviates the hospital’s environmental footprint, and strengthens the hospital’s balance sheet and image.

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