Winning the fight against pressure injuries – early and targeted intervention

Pressure injuries are a frequently occurring health problem throughout the world, costing healthcare more than EUR 50 billion annually. In addition, they are a painful but often preventable complication for which many individuals are at risk. 

Millions of people are affected every year, with tens of thousands of deaths, causing distress to the individual and their families, as well as demanding significant healthcare resources. For those who survive, their pressure injuries can have a devastating impact on their wellbeing, causing significant pain and suffering. As patient age and the complexities of co-occurring conditions have increased, so too has the burden of pressure injuries and their prevalence.

What’s the cause of pressure injuries? There are many contributing risk factors, and reduced mobility is a significant one. People are meant to move, and we naturally reposition our bodies when we feel discomfort. However, when your ability to reposition independently becomes compromised, you are at a higher risk of developing pressure injuries.

The solution for prevention, therefore, lies in movement of the body, independently or assisted. Pressure injuries are avoidable but difficult to prevent since they develop quickly and invisibly. By the time the injury is visible, the damage has already been done.

While there are tools available to assess the risk of patients developing pressure injuries, they have their limitations due to subjective interpretations, low predictive value, and do not always lead to effective prevention. The answer is a comprehensive solution, combining:

·         New, innovative technology to objectively assess the risk for each individual patient.

·         Therapeutic support surfaces allowing gradual and systematic movement of the body.

·         Equipment to empower the caregiver and patient for safe and active daily mobilisation.

Arjo calls this an early and targeted intervention kit. In collaboration with Bruin Biometrics (BBI), Arjo has created a comprehensive concept for preventing pressure injuries, including solutions for clinical support, objective and early risk assessment, therapeutic surfaces, and repositioning and mobility. This includes the ground-breaking Provizio® SEM Scanner, which was named one of the 100 best inventions in 2020 by Time Magazine.

By leveraging the innovation from BBI with the expertise, legacy and global network of Arjo, this new tool is available globally to empower care facilities with earlier pressure injury risk identification. They now have a five-day (median) window of opportunity to deploy a targeted and tailored pressure injury prevention strategy that helps minimise the number of incidents and reduce suffering, fatalities and overall cost and time to care.

In addition to early identification, care facilities need mobility solutions that strategically reposition the patient, even when in a lying state, as well as assisting them to move around and gain the needed benefits of a body in motion.

Arjo has over 60 years’ experience creating solutions for patients with mobility-related challenges, and by combining early identification with targeted intervention, a new approach to winning the fight against pressure injuries is now being implemented at care facilities around the world.

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