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Go fossil free

SSAB takes climate action seriously, and fossil-free steel is the embodiment of that commitment.

While steel underpins society and industry growth, the carbon emissions from the industry need to be reduced if climate goals are going to be met.

The answer is fossil-free steel with virtually no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. By removing CO2 from steel production, the industry’s carbon footprint will be eliminated while still delivering high-quality steel that can be applied for use in buildings, machines or vehicles, among other things.

A growing demand from consumers and customers across the entire value chain is pushing industry to provide sustainable solutions. Co-creation for innovation is providing answers that are removing CO2 from each link in the value chain, from raw and input materials to the final product.

By investing in new technology, SSAB are on track to offer fossil-free steel to the market by 2026, putting their customers in the lead in the green race.

SSAB fossil-free steel: for the customers, the environment, and the future.

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