Smart building material for the future

SSAB are actively pushing for new and better solutions that deliver higher performance-, energy- and resource efficiency, as well as better process and product performance. SSAB’s blast-furnace-based production is among the most carbon dioxide efficient in the world. This gives a competitive advantage to SSAB and its customers.

Smart cities integrate architecture with sustainable smart solutions.  SSAB’s ground-breaking products have enabled modern global architecture designs to embrace and exceed their environmental ambitions.

Colour-coated steels from SSAB are extremely durable, formable, fully recyclable, and perfect for innovative aesthetics. Based on over 40 years of rigorous global outdoor testing, this colour-coated steel can withstand the harshest climates and conditions.

Using a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil oil, SSAB’s GreenCoat® products feature a sustainable coating like no other in the construction industry. This patented Bio-based Technology (BT) coating – for exterior building applications like roofs and façades – is the only one on the market that is made from natural ingredients. This helps to drastically lower the environmental footprint of a building.

SSAB are at the forefront of co-creation for innovation. Industry and architecture now have a sustainable and reliable quality choice.

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