Stora Enso

Trees grow back

Trees are renewable. This means that in sustainable managed forests, they can grow forever. The planet needs healthy forests. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they grow, and products made from trees continue to store carbon during their whole life cycle. Sustainably managed forests are the foundation for Stora Enso’s value creation. Sustainable forest management safeguards forest health and productivity, helps combat global warming, and protects biodiversity – while also securing the long-term availability of wood, Stora Enso’s most important renewable raw material. Products such as homes, clothes and juice cartons can be made from trees. This means less fossil-based materials in the world and a healthier and more sustainable planet.

In 2019, Stora Enso’s products saved an estimated 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by substituting fossil-based materials. This amount of carbon dioxide is comparable to the annual emissions of over 5 million cars.In Finland and Sweden alone, Stora Enso plants some 50 million seedlings every year. The company always makes sure to grow more than it harvests. Between 1990 and 2015, Europe’s forest area increased by over 2,300 football fields – every day.Stora Enso believes that the renewable future grows in the forest!

Responsible consumption and production
Climate action
Life on land