Nobody should die waiting for a new organ

Mer Organdonation (MOD, More Organ Donation) is a Swedish patient organisation working towards inclusion for all by shedding light on the urgent shortage of organs and thereby helping save more lives.

Swedes are the most willing population in the world when it comes to donating their organs. The challenge is that the will of the people is not being respected due to organisational challenges and outdated legislation. The result is that Sweden has relatively few organ donors despite people’s willingness.

MOD and XVIVO are together trying to reduce the mortality on the waiting list for transplantation of a new organ. We believe that ‘Nobody should die waiting for a new organ’. In fact, that is our shared vision.

MOD is the voice and advocate for organ recipients and for patients still on the waiting list. The non-profit organisation is an educational platform aimed at healthcare professionals. It is also an advocate for organ donation towards society. MOD has an important role in influencing and educating decision-makers and politicians to solve the organ shortage in Sweden.

XVIVO is a Swedish medical technology company dedicated to extending the life of organs, enabling transplant teams around the world to save more lives. XVIVO’s ground-breaking technology allows leading clinicians to push boundaries for transplant medicine, increasing the number of organs utilised and thereby reducing the mortality on the waiting lists. With joint forces, XVIVO and MOD are working towards solving the organ shortage in Sweden so that nobody will die waiting for a new organ.

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