First electric ferry in Stockholm

Scandinavia’s leading utility Vattenfall have together with Echandia Marine developed a new solution for electric ferries that is designed to minimise emissions and noise while at the same time lower operational and maintenance costs.

The electric drive systems developed by Echandia Marine are installed on the ferry E/S Movitz, which carries up to 98 passengers and runs in shuttle service in central Stockholm over a distance of about 10 kilometres. As the world’s first supercharged electric passenger ferry of its kind with up to 500 kW charging power, it only needs to be charged for ten minutes for one hour of operation.

The new solution provided by Vattenfall is called ‘Power as a service’ and means that the ownership and management of the equipment – which includes the super-fast charging station, the battery system and the driveline – lies with Vattenfall, a company with long experience of owning and operating electric power systems. Among other things the ‘Power as a service’ includes operation and maintenance, electrical safety responsibility, and any further investments during the contract period.

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