Improved access to high-quality radiation therapy

Despite advancements in detecting and treating cancer, healthcare access is very unequal across the globe. There are still many countries with poor access to cancer prevention, early detection and effective treatment. Radiotherapy is needed in over 50 per cent of cancer patients and is involved in 40 per cent of cancer cures, but there is insufficient access to radiotherapy around the world.

The Sweden-based cancer treatment technology provider Elekta is committed to innovating solutions that help clinicians improve cancer care worldwide. In radiotherapy, innovation plays a critical role not only in increasing treatment precision, but also in simplifying the steps in the treatment workflow and improving access to treatment in remote regions.

Innovation empowers clinical effectiveness

Radiation therapy treatments use very targeted technology to irradiate cancer tumours. It requires expertise from radiation oncologists, medical physicists and treatment teams in hospitals to deliver the treatment safely and accurately. Despite their increasing cancer burden, hospitals are treating more patients, often with the same amount of resources. Also, maintaining the expertise of the staff is essential in maintaining the quality of the treatments.

Elekta strives to simplify the complex treatment process without compromising precision and is dedicated to helping clinicians treat more patients despite resources constraints.

Among the latest innovations is Elekta Harmony, a radiation therapy system that can reduce treatment time by up to 25 per cent by automating many of the typically time-consuming steps of the treatment.

AI improves critical treatment planning procedures – even remotely

In another focus area, Elekta is integrating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to help clinicians in their daily tasks. Before treatment, a treatment plan is created using specific software. This is a critical step to ensure optimal irradiation of the tumour with the smallest margin possible to avoid damaging healthy tissue. This is a complex process that can be time-consuming.

Elekta’s new treatment-planning software offers ways to automate these procedures. Clinicians can save time and standardise quality in the department. These new tools also provide access to a wealth of data and analytics that help clinicians evaluate and elevate treatment plan quality for the patient’s benefit.

The new software solutions also make it possible to plan treatments remotely. The individuals in the treatment team can work from different places and share their input to improve treatment quality. This remote sharing substantially increases the potential to educate people around the world and increase their radiation therapy skills. For solutions like these, Elekta works closely together with partners to bring radiation therapy treatment to all patients that can benefit from it.

Elekta is a Swedish company bringing together science, technology and clinical intelligence to revolutionise cancer care. For almost five decades, Elekta has been a leader in precision radiation medicine.

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