Remote connections keep treatments on schedule

Medical equipment maintenance is an invisible but important part of radiation medicine. It ensures that radiation therapy can run smoothly without interruption, allowing clinical staff to focus on saving lives.

Patients undergoing radiation therapy likely have a lot on their minds. The last thing they need to consider is the risk of their treatment being interrupted or postponed due to equipment malfunction. But like any other sophisticated machinery that relies on software and moving parts, these machines need to be maintained carefully and regularly to prevent breakdowns and treatment interruptions.

Radiation therapy has become increasingly advanced over the years, as has the equipment used to deliver it. To make sure everything keeps functioning properly, maintenance engineers need to continuously expand their skills to service this complex technology. At the same time, access to radiation therapy is improving, with equipment becoming increasingly available in remote locations that have historically been underserved.

Combining all these factors means that maintenance experts need to be able to service and maintain complex equipment all over the world. Using the latest software technology and artificial intelligence (AI), Swedish company Elekta has invented solutions that make it possible to track and resolve many maintenance issues remotely. Elekta technology has built-in connections to monitor the status of the machines and software in real time through a secure connection to the hospital network, no matter where that machine is located.

By collecting this machine data, Elekta’s central support team can diagnose issues that come up and alert the hospital immediately. And using the latest AI algorithms, it is even possible to detect irregularities before they cause delays due to malfunctions. If an issue in a hospital is detected or predicted, Elekta can fix many issues remotely, or send a service engineer to perform an onsite repair. This system of remote and predictive maintenance ensures that radiation therapy treatments can run without interruption, allowing the clinical staff to focus on their patients – on schedule.

Elekta is a Swedish company bringing together science, technology, and clinical intelligence to revolutionise cancer care. For almost five decades, Elekta has been a leader in precision radiation medicine.

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