Beating cancer through data sharing

Every cancer – like every person with the disease – is unique. With better use of information about the cancer, the patient and their treatment, more personalised and effective care can be given.

Every cancer patient generates data from a variety of sources. This includes information about diagnoses and treatments, images, scheduling and personal records. As cancer treatment becomes more individualised, to aggregate, analyse and display these data correctly is extremely important. Today, there is more clinical information available than ever before. The amount of data is huge and can be a rich resource. When every clinic effectively manages its data and shares it with others, it creates a collective library of knowledge available to the whole healthcare community.

By sharing this anonymised patient data, oncologists can leverage the combined experiences from many patients across the globe through artificial intelligence, which helps them make better decisions. Based on these insights, the physician and patient can agree on a personalised care plan that yields the best treatment.

Software also allows patients to engage online with their care teams, creating a seamless flow of communication. This makes it possible for the patient to manage appointments and treatments, getting lab results and reaching out with questions. Using an Elekta app called Kaiku Health, patients can report how they are feeling, and the clinic can monitor their outcomes with intelligent symptom tracking. Information about results and progress flows instantly to the care network and is securely accessible from anywhere.

Analysing large sets of anonymised patient data brings insights from clinics around the world that personalises treatments and improves the standard of care for patients everywhere. This makes it possible to fight cancer and save lives through better information.

Elekta is a Swedish company bringing together science, technology, and clinical intelligence to revolutionise cancer care. For almost five decades, Elekta has been a leader in precision radiation medicine.

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