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Vehicles – connected by Ericsson

A variety of automotive and transport services that require cellular connectivity are already in commercial operation today, and many more are yet to come. Among other things, these services will improve road safety and traffic efficiency, saving lives and helping to reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change.

The best way to address the growing connectivity needs of this industry sector is through a common network solution, as opposed to taking a single-segment silo approach.

Vehicles – connected by Ericsson. A car isn’t just a car. Not anymore. It’s a smartphone and sound system. It’s a map, traffic report, weathervane and childcare assistant. It’s one key to a more connected, more productive and more sustainable lifestyle. As the leaders in connectivity, Ericsson is enabling innovation in vehicle services by decoupling software from hardware and moving complexity to the cloud.

With specialised platforms, Ericsson is simplifying the management of connected vehicle systems and increasing the flexibility of new service roll-out. And thanks to global knowledge, they’re facilitating smooth subscription services, switching seamlessly across borders and networks. Nobody does all of this alone. A successful connected vehicle ecosystem is made up of a diverse number of players, where Ericsson is able to bring it all together. Vehicles – connected by Ericsson. It’s vehicle connectivity. Made easy.

Four automotive megatrends are currently shaping the future of connected vehicles. Ericsson has given these trends the acronym CARE for connected, automated, redefined, and electric. They help automakers and connectivity service providers address these trends to become leaders in car connectivity.

                Connected – Connected vehicles sit at the centre of the transportation ecosystem.

                Automated – Self-driving vehicles are changing our cities and societies.

                Redefined – Business models are being created, now’s your chance to act.

                Electric – Cleaner energy leads to cleaner transportation and cleaner cities.


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