Safer traffic with smart camera solutions

In the 200 largest cities worldwide, commuters waste on average more than 100 extra hours every year due to traffic congestion, and in the top 20 most congested cities, as much as 200 hours annually per commuter. The cost to society is hundreds of billions of dollars every year, not to mention the pollution this creates for the already strained environment in metropolitan areas.

Axis offers solutions for smarter roads where traffic moves safely and freely. The system is based on high-definition traffic cameras placed in key locations along streets, roads, bridges and tunnels. A central traffic management system provides insights that simplify decisions for authorities, and improve mobility across the entire road and street network.

The system combines real-time video monitoring of traffic with deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) analytics to detect problems in traffic and supply data to decision makers. The system automatically detects incidents in tunnels, bridges and roads, and reduces congestion, gridlock and the environmental impact of traffic jams.

Cameras with smart software can also detect dangerous traffic offenses and reduce the time and resources needed to identify violators, remove potentially hindering vehicles, and collect fines.

From a city planning perspective, Axis camera-based solutions make it easy to collect and manage large amounts of traffic data over time, making it easier to plan and implement long-term traffic improvements.

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