Ensuring safety in public transportation

Public transportation is the most environmentally friendly and efficient way to transport people in big cities. At the same time, when thousands of people are on the move, anything can happen. It is a complex task to overlook all the events in a city’s transit system. At any given moment there could be risk of violence at a station, critical injuries near moving vehicles, metal theft along the rails, vandalism at a depot, and more. 

Together with partners, Axis offers a portfolio of network video and audio products for monitoring the transit system, enabling early and smart decision-making support to security operators. Axis’ technology solution lets staff respond quickly and efficiently to incidents in real-time, thereby helping keep passengers, staff and property safe and secure at all times.

A disturbance on a bus causes the driver to press the alarm button. The security operator brings up the live video from the cameras on the bus and concludes that a security guard is needed. A guard boards the bus and handles the threatening situation before it escalates.

At a train station, a passenger has pressed an alarm button because of a theft. The operator rewinds the recorded video and identifies a pair of thieves that stole valuables from a tourist’s purse. A picture of the perpetrators is sent to nearby patrolling police, and the criminals are arrested only minutes after the incident.

A camera automatically alerts the operator that there is motion close to the train tracks, and that someone has illegally entered a forbidden area. The operator remotely zooms in with the nearest security camera and discovers that it is only a teenager that has wandered off to fix her hair, and not a graffiti violation in progress.

For a public transportation system to be perceived as secure, passengers need to feel safe everywhere. Operators need to be connected to every part of the transit system to efficiently detect, prioritise and respond as incidents occur. A centralised surveillance system with real-time capabilities helps authorities and operators minimise costs for vandalism, graffiti and metal theft, increase security for passengers and staff, and minimise the number of service interruptions.

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