Crowd management for smart city safety

There are many occasions in a city when large crowds gather in one area, and action needs to be taken to ensure safety and a good experience for the citizens. It could be people walking to or from a stadium for a big sporting event, or crowds gathering in front of an outdoor stage in anticipation of an open-air concert. Street festivals and political demonstrations are other occasions when several thousands of people can be on the move.

Crowds always increase the risk to people’s safety and property. Accidents will happen more often, and criminals are also attracted to crowds. Mobility is restricted for people, cars and buses as large crowds of people cross streets and roads.

Smart camera systems can help detect crowds when they start to form. With a network of connected cameras that monitor key areas such as stadiums, crossroads, squares, parks and major streets, it is possible to identify warning signs at an early stage. Smart analytics in the cameras will constantly count the number of people moving around in critical areas, and if this number increases above a set risk level, operators receive early alerts and can decide on the best course of action.

From a central control room, emergency vehicles such as police and ambulances can be directed to strategic locations, and patrolling policemen can be dispatched to help people. Public transport can be increased with additional buses or metros. Traffic lights can be remotely switched to allow crowds to cross streets and reach critical places. Loudspeakers can be activated to give information to people.

In addition, the system gathers statistics, allowing authorities to analyse and understand crowd behaviour, to become even better at predicting and handling situations in the future.

All in all, the possibility to manage crowds and pedestrian flows helps city authorities prevent incidents on the streets, improves city mobility and safety, and enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors.

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