Early forest fire detection

The world’s forests are amazing natural resources that host unique wildlife, form the basis for the world’s forest industry, and are extremely valuable for the climate.

But forests are under constant threat from forest fires. Thousands of fires rage in forests across the globe every year. The majority of these are started by people, intentionally or accidentally, and some are started by natural causes such as lightning or lava.

When fires not started in a responsible way rage out of control, they can be devastating. Uncontrolled wildfires burn down trees, kill wildlife, destroy property, and in some cases threaten or even kill people.

Axis cameras coupled with smart systems can help detect forest fires at an early stage and give firefighters the ability to extinguish fires before they become dangerous. With high-definition cameras mounted on poles in the forest, operators can remotely view vast forest areas from a central location. The cameras are solar-powered and connected over a long-range wireless network.

Operators can monitor many parts of the forest from one central location, daytime as well as night-time. Smart video analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to continuously analyse the camera video and send automatic alarms to staff if it looks like smoke or fire is erupting somewhere. Satellite maps and meteorological data can also be integrated in the system to provide more data to the operators. A trained expert can quickly zoom in to the area in question and judge whether it is necessary to send first responders to investigate.

Out in the field, firefighters get real-time updates on the status of the fires and where to direct their efforts. When it comes to fighting wildfires, the early detection that this system provides can be the difference between extinguishing a small blaze and battling a raging inferno threatening to destroy forests, wildlife and homes.

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