Polestar Precept – the next stage of electric mobility

At electric performance car brand Polestar, aspirations, ambitions and plans have come together. Aspirations for design, for technology, and plans for sustainability have all meshed. And the result has a name: Polestar Precept.

It’s not some sci-fi flight of fancy, however. The sustainable and recycled materials found in the Precept can already be produced. The design is futuristic yet realistic, the next step for Polestar, not a leap. The technology is from a future just around the corner, so close as to be nearly there.

Polestar believes that sustainable materials can create new design opportunities, allowing a redefinition of premium. It follows that Polestar will use sustainable, upcycled and animal-free materials in the construction of the Precept. Design languages can always evolve.

Technology can further close the gap between driver and car, so the infotainment system (with Google built in) is more informative and responsive than ever before. Polestar Precept brings it all to life. 

It’s not so much a concept car as a declaration of where Polestar plans to go as a company. The Precept is a rule to inform future behaviour, and last year Polestar announced that they are putting it into production.

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