Life-defining moments

A dramatic beginning – born 12 weeks early with a 50/50 chance of survival. Meet Dr Sabina Checketts, who shares her personal story. Starting her life as a premature baby, she now helps save other premature infants.

Sabina Checketts has become a neonatal doctor, using sophisticated technology to improve outcomes for premature babies. One such technique invented by Getinge is called Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist, or NAVA. It helps babies on ventilators breathe easily and naturally, and it is ground-breaking for adult intensive care. Another life-supporting technique, ECLS, simulates the function of lungs that have ceased working.

Checketts decided to become a doctor at early age, when her mother routinely pointed out a man walking down the street on his way to the hospital and said: ‘That’s the doctor who saved your life.’

The ventilator that helped Checketts survive was a far cry from what she sees today when she treats premature babies. ‘We've gone from a mode of ventilation where you were breathing for the baby to one now where we can breathe with the baby as well,’ she says.

Getinge is a global leader in intensive care technology for both infants and adults.   

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