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Innovation is transforming what is possible in healthcare. Greater integration of digital technology is enabling individuals to become more active participants in decisions about their care and prioritise the outcomes which matter most to them.

Medicines can no longer be viewed in isolation from other aspects of a patient’s care. Taking a holistic view, pushing the boundaries of science, and embedding patient-centric principles in the design of interventions is crucial.

As a patient-centric organisation, AstraZeneca values new ways of thinking about how to improve patient outcomes and experiences. A true commitment to patient centricity means listening to patients and using those insights to innovate. Co-creation is the key to finding solutions that meaningfully advance patient experience.

The A.Catalyst Network is an embodiment of those values. This interconnected and dynamic global network consists of more than 20 health innovation hubs, including one in the UAE. These hubs bring together leading and disruptive innovators to address healthcare challenges and increase access to better healthcare through scaled patient‑centric solutions.

The A.Catalyst hub model in action:

- Across the UAE and wider Gulf region, the innovation hub model is helping to launch exciting initiatives that aim to accelerate the growing uptake of digital health.

- AstraZeneca partners with to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support earlier detection of lung cancer on chest X-ray scans. This important collaboration aims to reduce the 80 per cent of lung cancer tumours which today are identified too late for curative treatment.

- EduGate is a new digital platform that delivers tailored educational content to doctors and healthcare professionals. This includes access to educational videos from a range of local and international experts, the latest clinical guidelines, and online accredited training programmes. This platform will soon include vital diagnostic tools, including the lung cancer technology.

- A key priority for the UAE government is home-based care, reducing the number of people needing to visit hospitals. HealthGATE supports this goal for people living with diabetes or cancer. Harnessing AI, a new app helps patients manage their condition. Using their clinical history to highlight risk of future complications, algorithms analyse users’ health and wellbeing data to provide individually tailored, clinically validated educational content and guidance. The app is compatible with wearables to monitor patients’ health in real-time.

- The network partner in India is GCA Strategy partnering with start-up Tricog Health. Tricog’s solution of an AI with remote cardiologist interpretation of ECGs is helping patients get quick and accurate diagnosis of heart attacks. The solution is live in 32 sites in India. Another Tricog solution of early heart failure diagnosis via AI interpretation is part of an end-to-end patient management model called Take CaRe of Me, implemented in 42 clinics across the world.

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