The digital airport

Saab creates aviation systems and services to enable safe, predictable and efficient operations. As a leading provider of proven Air Traffic Management solutions, Saab transforms operations and turns innovative ideas into reality.

Their systems maximise efficiencies in traffic flows and help reduce the carbon footprint as well as costs, making air travel a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Saab delivers air traffic solutions to air navigation service providers, airports and airlines at over 100 locations in more than 45 countries.

Beyond meeting industry standards, Saab also shapes them, as the company is an active participant in numerous standards organisations and is committed to driving positive change in the industry. Their product portfolio has evolved over the years to offer solutions that improve operational performance and maximise traffic management capabilities, resulting in a more efficient travel experience.

With more than five years’ experience of running a digital tower solution in live operation, Saab can offer the support and experience needed to implement any digital tower solution.

The Saab Digital Tower was the first to be operationally certified by an Air Navigation Service Provider. The Saab solution is used to operate the Örnsköldsvik airport from the Remote Tower Centre in Sundsvall since April 2015.

Saab is a key participant in remote tower industry development through their work in the Single European Sky ATM Research programme and Working Group 100. A Saab Digital Tower is remotely operating the Scandinavian Mountain Airport in Sweden, the first airport to be built in Sweden since 1999. It is also the first airport in the world designed to be operated from the outset with a Virtual Tower rather than a conventional ATC tower.

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