Advancing performance in healthcare

The digital world is touching every area of people’s lives today and helping revolutionise healthcare. Mölnlycke is part of this exciting new era that can help dramatically improve people’s lives, share valuable knowledge and best practice, as well as reduce time, costs and waste. 

The operating room (OR) is the most demanding of environments. The Mölnlycke online portal allows customised surgical procedure trays to be managed fully online, setting new standards of efficiency when it comes to prepping the OR. These customised sterile packs not only help save time and costs, but also reduce waste and improve infection prevention.

Another important area benefiting from digital innovation is wound support. The Mölnlycke Wound Support App is a mobile app that assists in wound management by helping healthcare professionals choose the right product for a specific wound by using a number of data points and an image. This supports healthcare professionals by providing valuable education and knowledge around wound care in an easy-to-use digital tool.

Then there are opportunities to take this approach even into the patient’s own home, enabling both caregivers and the patients themselves to be involved in their wound care via the Mölnlycke Patient Support App. The app captures data, which allows greater engagement with healthcare professionals and carers remotely. This gives better day-to-day patient support and more effective use of time.

One day, hopefully, even the actual wound dressings themselves, so called ‘smart dressings’, will be digitally enabled to provide a higher quality of information and remote management that helps healthcare providers improve the quality of life and care still further.

With pressure growing on healthcare providers every day, digital innovation will be one of the important factors in helping improve patient outcomes and also better manage healthcare expenditures globally.

Mölnlycke sees huge potential in the power of digital innovation.