What science can do

The world is experiencing a period of major change that includes a global pandemic, a growing number of people living with complex and chronic diseases, climate change and the digitalisation of society. We must all do our part in solving these great challenges. The link between good health, fulfilled lives, strong economies, and a greener planet has never been more clear or more important.

AstraZeneca believes the greatest contribution they can make is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. For them authenticity is about being led by science.

The organisation is restless in their hunt for the next great breakthrough. From learning more about the biology of diseases and new ways to target them, to better predicting the success of their medicines, they continue to build and invest in the capabilities and technologies needed to turn science into the next generation of medicine.

Science cannot be done alone. That’s why keeping minds and doors open to collaboration and empowering the next generation of scientific leaders to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) careers in healthcare is of importance.

AstraZeneca’s science is already starting to change the way care is delivered across many important diseases. To ensure greater and faster impact of these advances, the organisation is partnering to support new ways of delivering healthcare.

This includes the A.Catalyst Network of more than 20 innovation hubs around the world that are bringing forward new technologies and end-to-end solutions, which, alongside innovative medicines, can move the future of medicine away from managing symptoms and towards an era of earlier diagnosis and intervention, and ultimately remission and cure.

AstraZeneca does so while working to ensure health systems are more resilient to future health crises and can improve sustainably in the longer term.

The organisation's response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been true to these same science-led values. Recognising the urgent need for a vaccine which would change the course of the pandemic, they partnered with the University of Oxford to accelerate the clinical development and broad, timely and equitable supply of a vaccine around the world, at no profit during the pandemic.

Remaining authentic in its science-based approach will continue to inform how they work with governments and healthcare systems to redesign the delivery of healthcare. Pushing the boundaries of science is crucial to solving the world’s next great challenge – the climate crisis. The link between worsening health and environment has driven AstraZeneca’s commitment to make their entire value chain carbon negative by 2030. The organisation is also pursuing innovative partnerships with health systems to accelerate a transition to greener, better healthcare for all.

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