Volvo Group

Semi-automated boat docking system for improved efficiency

Volvo Group’s Assisted Docking is a new boat docking system that allows navigation through tight areas with great precision. Combining automation with control, it provides ease to seasoned boaters and beginners alike. The system helps the captain hold course, removing stress from otherwise difficult situations, while simultaneously reducing waste and increasing efficiency through precision.

The system uses a joystick, with which the boat’s path and speed can be controlled, while compensating for much of the wind and current. At any time, the joystick can be released, and the boat will stay in a fixed position despite waves and wind. When parked in the water, the joystick can rotate the boat around a fixed position or turn the boat in small increments in any direction to improve alignment – all without drifting off course.

Tapping the joystick in small increments will move the boat closer to the dock. The boat can then be fixed in position against the dock by pushing the joystick to the side and activating the ‘Side Push’ feature on the display. This keeps the boat’s position against the dock while it is being tied up or while passengers are let on or off.

The system makes docking not only easier, but easy. Not only safer, but safe. Assisted Docking takes the most stressful aspect of boating and transforms it into an enjoyable and confident experience.

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