Turning science into medicine

Over 1.5 billion people are living with chronic diseases worldwide. These diseases are leading causes of death across the globe and this trend is set to continue.

Key to the future treatment for many of today’s complex diseases lies in discovering new biology, understanding and challenging scientific hypotheses, and evolving the way in which clinical trials are designed and conducted.

In an industry where failure rates in the research and development (R&D) of new medicines are often in excess of 80–90 per cent, improving productivity – the ability to move a candidate molecule through drug discovery and development, to becoming an actual medicine – is critical to the success of the next generation of treatments. 

Recent developments in data science, artificial intelligence and digital technologies have the potential to increase the probability of success, and to discover new medicines more efficiently while delivering them more effectively.

AstraZeneca’s ambition is to transform the lives of patients through improved outcomes and a better quality of life through more effective treatment and prevention, ultimately working towards a cure for some of the world’s most complex diseases.

AstraZeneca is never complacent about scientific discovery and development, always pushing its R&D productivity, searching for new knowledge and the next breakthrough.

The company is building and investing in scientific capabilities and technologies to help advance science and achieve the next wave of breakthroughs. They do this through enhancing their understanding of disease biology, discovering new ways to target the drivers of disease, better predicting clinical success, and pioneering new approaches to engagement in the clinic and beyond. In doing this, they believe it will help in their aspiration to create the greatest and swiftest impact on disease.

Driven by science and united by science, AstraZeneca pushes the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.

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