Volvo Group

Sustainable construction solutions for future cities

Building the cities of tomorrow requires innovation and new solutions today. That’s why Volvo Group contributes to society’s prosperity and sustainable development with people’s health, safety and well-being at the centre of everything.

The lower air and noise pollution is of massive benefit to operators of the machines and those living and working in the vicinity of construction operations, but also to the environment.

Volvo Group machines are used all over the world to build tomorrow’s cities. One example is Lusail in Qatar, rising like an oasis in the desert with the help of more than 150 Volvo machines. Project Nueva Santa Cruz in Bolivia saw over 100 Volvo machines transform 6,000 hectares of land into a whole new city.

Volvo Group believes in working together to create a world that is cleaner, safer and more connected. Building the cities of tomorrow.

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