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Reusing bus batteries for increased circularity

Bus batteries have so much left to give even after retiring from the road. In a collaboration with Batteryloop (a subsidiary of Stena Recycling), Volvo Group bus batteries are reused in properties and charging stations, conserving natural resources.

While bus batteries eventually lose their capacity to efficiently propel a bus, they still have years of service left for statis use and energy storage purposes. On top of being reused, the batteries are also recycled in a safe and environmentally suitable way when they come to the end of their second life.

With a steadily increasing demand for electric buses from cities all over the world, the number of used batteries is set to increase. This is complemented by a similar increase in demand for local energy storage units.

This is a step towards circularity and sustainability within Volvo Group’s electromobility operations, as well as a strong collaboration that will pave the way for further cooperation on innovative projects and initiatives.

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