Volvo Group

Electric heavy-duty trucks cutting emissions

Volvo Group is the first in the world to offer a full range of electric heavy-duty trucks, meeting societal and market demands while taking a huge step forward on the road to fossil-free transport. The range provides dramatic cuts in CO2 emissions and minimises noise and air pollution.

The heavy-duty electric range consist of the Volvo FM, FMX and FH. The Volvo FM Electric is a highly flexible truck built for local and regional distribution. The Volvo FMX Electric’s strength, durability and low noise levels make it perfectly suited to urban construction. The Volvo FH Electric offers a high payload and excellent comfort, designed for city-to-city transportation. To simplify the transition to sustainable transportation, the trucks are offered together with service and support packages for electromobility needs.

A swift transition from fossil fuels to alternatives such as electricity is necessary to reduce the impact of transport on the climate. Battery-electric and fuel cell electric trucks with a longer range will increase in prevalence during this decade. Volvo Trucks’ objective is for its entire product range to be fossil-free by 2040.

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