Volvo Group

Sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Volvo Group is determined to fulfil its commitment to the Paris Agreement and EU Green Deal by leading the industry in the transformation towards net-zero emissions.

This means committing to a reduced environmental impact and producing sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions through innovation and collaboration, as well as setting environmental targets in line with what the latest climate science deems necessary to keep global warming at bay. 

Volvo Group is continuously developing solutions to reduce the CO2 emissions from its products and operations. Electric vehicles and machines with zero emissions and less noise will contribute to cleaner, quieter and safer cities. Recycling and reusing parts and materials helps reduce and design out waste and pollution and is a step towards circularity in all parts of the value chain.

Volvo Group aims to transform to secure a sustainable future for our planet and for future generations. Developing tomorrow’s climate-smart and competitive solutions – while maintaining environmentally responsible transport today – requires technologies that can adapt to the needs of the whole transport and infrastructure network.

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