Pulp – fibre of the future

Yes, pulp looks rather dull. But if you look at a solid piece of steel, you don’t see a finished sports car. As a matter of fact, pulp is one of the smartest and most flexible materials we know. It Is fossil free, environmentally friendly, and the fibres are recyclable after having been used in different products. 

Pulp can be used for products such as newspapers, hygiene products, cups, bags, printing paper, cardboard boxes, juice cartons, and so on: simple yet amazing products that make life easier and more enjoyable.

But if you for a moment drop that idea of paper and instead think of fibres, which pulp is actually all about, you will find new and different areas for usage. And you see these products all around you, every day. Clothes for example. Based on pulp, we can make fabrics as soft as cotton with the strength of synthetic fibres. And just as paper products can be recycled, so can the fabrics. Brought back to a pulp plant, the fabrics can be turned into new fabrics over and over again.

There is a lot of research on pulp these days. The characteristic of the material gives it an endless range of possibilities, and the applications of tomorrow are yet to be discovered. All that can be said for sure is that the fibres from wood are the fibres of the future.

Did you know that…

- a Japanese company has produced a sports car made of composite material based on pulp?

scientists in Sweden have invented a transparent material out of pulp that can be used as window glass?

- of all fabrics today, 5% are made of pulp from wood, and the number is growing?

- bottles made of pulp can be used for carbonated drinks?

- transparent wound dressings made of nanocellulose can dramatically improve healthcare?

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