Cross-laminated timber – the building blocks of a better tomorrow

In any building project, wood offers numerous benefits that go beyond the material itself. For instance, it can help to counteract climate change. This is why Södra has made it their mission to make it as safe, simple and efficient as possible to use wood in large-scale building projects.

High load-bearing capacity

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) as building material provides stability and durability, both crucial factors when constructing a building. CLT has a high load-bearing capacity and good product properties.

With extensive experience of timber products, construction, building requirements and production, Södra can support from the first draft to the finished project. Using wood will allow you to build efficiently, cost-effectively and safely, without adding to the negative climate impact of the building sector.

Flexible, sustainable and robust

Wood as a material is easy to love. It’s a flexible material that allows you to create unique structures. At the same time, it’s sustainable, robust, and enables buildings to age with elegance. Wood’s natural ability to regulate temperature, moisture and sound creates an optimal indoor climate and a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Södra produces cross-laminated timber using FSC®/PEFC-classified raw materials, which are type approved for the Swedish market. The dimensions and design of the boards are dictated by their function – e.g., floor, ceiling, supporting or separating wall. Each finished element can in the existing production line be up to three metres in height and twelve metres in length.

Locally sourced raw material

Södra is actively contributing to the development of a sustainable future and produces wood products using locally sourced forest raw materials from their owners’ forests. All products are produced with great care and respect for nature. The production is co-located with Södra's pulp mill and sawmill for access to green electricity and finished infrastructure. It also creates good conditions for logistics and allows to directly utilise a larger part of the value chain.

Few things are more natural than products from the Swedish forest. Södra is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of wood for construction. In order to maintain sustainable forestry, Södra plants at least three new trees for each that is harvested.

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