Sustainable and flexible flood protection

Together with the client, Hunze en Aa´s Waterboard, Sweco has explored new ways of designing sustainable embankments, also known as dikes. This one-kilometre-long green demonstration project, that will protect the land from the sea in the Netherlands, is the first of its kind.

Dutch people usually view the sea as their friend. But sometimes the sea is also the enemy. In 1953, the Netherlands suffered a national catastrophe, the North Sea Flood. Since then, flood control has been important in the densely populated Netherlands, as two thirds of its area is exposed to flooding.

The Brede Groene Dijk in Groningen is a one-kilometre demonstration – a sloping green embankment rolling into a tidal marsh. The ultimate goal is continuity, whereby sludge is removed from the nearby river system and reprocessed into clay to build the dike that protects the land from the sea. The concept is unique as the dike is made from clay, produced in a natural setting with the material that nature provides.

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