Designing an eco-school for the future

The Satavuo School in Laukaa, Finland is an environmentally friendly school built from wood. The building brings together families from three different schools in the municipality by offering them one school made to last for a hundred years with room for a hundred students. It’s the most ecological school building in Finland, made of solid timber using cross-laminated timber (CLT) technology.

The eco-school concept is an innovative masterpiece which combines a healthy and long-lasting wooden building, sustainably produced energy, and modern spatial solutions suitable for current pedagogical requirements. Additionally, the school staff, children, their parents, the local council and the municipality residents participated in the planning.

Architecture is part of the eco-school’s overall concept, implementing sustainable principles and using wood as much and as innovatively as possible. The school is also a low-energy building, using renewable local bioenergy for heating, and solar power to produce part of the needed electricity. 

Quality Education
Affordable and clean energy
Sustainable cities and communities
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action