Interconnected grids and offshore wind connections

NordLink, Europe’s longest high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power grid interconnection, is for the first time connecting the power grids in Norway and Germany, thereby enabling the integration and exchange of renewable wind, solar, and hydropower between the two countries.

This link also supports the vision of a strong European power network in which grid electricity is increasingly generated by renewables. By allowing surplus wind and solar power produced in Germany to be transmitted to Norway and hydroelectric power to be transmitted in the opposite direction, the link increases energy security in both countries. It supports the integration of renewable energy into the grids of both countries.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids pioneered the HVDC technology in 1954 when the first commercial link between the Swedish island of Gotland and the Swedish mainland was commissioned. Since then, several projects have been delivered. Today, HVDC is the technology of choice for integrating large-scale renewables, connecting offshore wind farms, building interconnectors, and efficiently and reliably transmitting clean energy across vast distances to hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.

These interconnections can link separate power systems within a country or connect the national grids over borders. Coupled electricity markets require stable, controlled power flows for electricity trading to work effectively, and this is obtained using HVDC technology.

Electrical networks in separate countries can evolve quite differently and may have different standards and technologies. DC is the only possible technical solution when interconnecting energy markets. Furthermore, HVDC interconnections help reduce system losses, increase transmission capacity, improve power quality, and integrate more renewable power into the energy mix.

As the world continues to push for a clean energy transition post, HVDC will be a key enabling technology for integrating bulk renewables, offshore wind connections, and electricity interconnections to benefit a sustainable energy system.

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