Enabling the electric revolution of urban bus transportation

Hitachi ABB Power Grids is collaborating with Yinlong Energy, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric buses, to help cities speed up their transition to emission-free electric bus transportation and cleaner city air.

Combining their technology leadership and expertise, the two companies offer customers a completely optimised e-mobility solution. It comprises Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ Grid-eMotion™ Fleet and Flash charging system infrastructure as well as Yinlong’s comprehensive portfolio of electric city buses.

Cities worldwide are increasingly turning to electric buses to meet their carbon neutrality targets and sustainability goals for thriving, healthy urban communities. The combined innovative solutions and expertise enable urban transportation operators to switch cost-effectively from fossil fuels to emission-free electric buses to meet these objectives.

Initially, the two companies are focusing their resources on helping cities and states in the Middle East achieve their urban e-mobility and emission-reduction ambitions before extending their joint offering to China and the rest of the world. Both the charging infrastructure and the buses meet the challenging climate and operating conditions of the region, where buses require large amounts of power for air conditioning and the charging infrastructure must withstand intense heat and even sandstorms.

In Pakistan, Hitachi ABB Power Grids has joined forces with electric bus manufacturer Skywell and bus operator Daewoo to provide a complete emission-free e-bus solution to help the country achieve its ambitious e-vehicle target and improve air quality in the country’s cities.

By working together Daewoo, Skywell and Hitachi ABB Power Grids will provide Pakistan’s urban transportation planners with a complete solution – e-buses, route operators and charging infrastructure – to enable them to transition from diesel-fuelled public transportation to emission-free electric buses.

By teaming up, the first one-stop-shop smart e-mobility solution can be created. The charging infrastructure is fully optimised for the buses’ energy needs and operating conditions. The joint solution enables transportation companies to plan, operate and manage their e-fleet optimally and efficiently.

Grid charging infrastructure is the key to keeping electric buses running for as long as possible each day – without having to take them off the road for recharging and deploy replacement buses and drivers, which increases operating costs significantly. The two uniquely innovative charging solutions – Fleet and Flash – can be utilised in combination to address these needs and flexibly be scaled up as cities around the world go electric, reducing noise and air pollution, and becoming carbon neutral.

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