Smartphone-based system revolutionises the circular economy

Envac’s innovative and time-tested pneumatic waste collection system enables a circular economy and a better living environment. Envac ReFlow takes this system further, as it helps communities and system operators co-create better use of resources and promotes recycling by creating smarter interactions between users, operators, and local government.

Using artificial intelligence and pioneering behavioural technology, ReFlow integrates Envac’s pneumatic waste removal system with other smart city infrastructure to optimise resource usage. For example, if the power grid is reaching its capacity, non-essential parts of Envac’s system can stand by to relieve pressure on the power grid.

Envac ReFlow also improves communication between citizens and system operators to inspire new and smarter recycling and strengthen the environmentally sound habits that are already there. 

Envac ReFlow provides users with convenient guides to improve the sorting of recyclables and provide alternative inlets when inlets are full. For the first time ever, ReFlow provides citizens with feedback on their recycling rates and how that is helping to reach the city’s environmental goals.

The app is supplemented with physical screens in the building entrance that provide the most relevant information and feedback on recycling on a building level. App clips on each inlet serve as convenient information channels for residents to get responses to the specific questions they are interested in.

This philosophy of citizen engagement empowers residents to take ownership of improving life in the smart city. This creates positive loops that promote more sustainable behaviours. By motivating users' recycling habits, Envac ReFlow furthers the circular economy. In the app, users can compare their recycling to that of their neighbours and community.

Through the app, neighbours can also share goods and services. Guides in the app help connect to local businesses working in the circular economy, creating benefits for both residents and businesses.

Envac ReFlow is a modular and adaptable service. Functionality can be tailored to different neighbourhoods and be integrated with other smart city infrastructure for optimal use of energy and resources.

Envac ReFlow is a simple yet powerful tool, inspiring, motivating, and leading people and the city they live in towards a greener tomorrow. The data and information gathered through Envac ReFlow will enable building owners and local governments to further improve the understanding of how to reach their sustainability goals and create a more attractive city.

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